control the look and feel of your site
the Setup option in utkt allows control of seating, events, price classes, header graphic, tickets, site colors and font settings. modification to the base seating charts allows any changes to be made by event without effecting the original.


  create and print your own tickets
the default ticket layout contains three areas: stub, ticket and information. the ticket and information areas are defined separately to provide more display space on the main ticket, while the row, seat, etc. are shown in a column to right -- the information area. this behavior can be modified by deselecting 'information', when using a narrower ticket. the default ticket for desktop printers measures 2" x 6.5".  the default ticket for thermo ticket printers measures 2" x 5.5"

many theaters are relying upon barcode scanning to verify tickets at the door.  in an era which has produced perfect $100 bills on color copying equipment it is not surprising that organizations want an additional level of verification.  utkt transaction numbers appear on every ticket which we produce -- this number can be produced in barcode for scanning at your option.

one of utkt's standard reports -- The Guest List -- contains a copy of every transaction number issued for each performance.  Transaction numbers which are recorded by scanning are removed from Open Status, thereby guaranteeing that duplicate tickets cannot be honored. the Guest List is available in hard copy and in electronic form.  Transactions up to one hour before curtain time are 'locked in' to the Guest List. No server connection is required for verification -- just your scanner and a laptop.  Last minute sales at the box office are not effected.

utkt supports a variety of other security measures, depending upon your environment.


define your seating charts

the utkt interface is designed to display seating charts in the opening screen. options at top of screen include: HOME  MEMBER SIGNUP. anonymous visitors need not do anything to purchase tickets. visitor needs only to select seats, and press the BUY button at bottom of screen. this will launch PURCHASE screen where visitors can enter details of purchase method.  they have the option of signing up as a member, or merely buying tickets.  another option automatically checked is SEND ME THEATER NEWS which adds buyer to mailing list. they can opt out by unchecking that option.

  sell tickets on line -- sell tickets off line
purchase options are fully customizable -- from built-in shopping cart with your choice of popular credit clearing houses, to Reservations pending receipt of check, to Pickup at box office prior to date of performance.  Payment policies are fully customizable.


  full accounting and reporting packages
NolaPro is supported by utkt. For an introduction to this popular free accounting package see https://www.nolapro.com/NolaProStart.pdf

utkt provides a set of theater templates for pm_reports, the popular free php reporting module.


  manage mail-to-patron lists


  autodial phones with telephony interface
utkt offers integration with Skype to make serial phone calls completely automatic -- all phone number in the data base are Skype-aware: just click on the phone number to dial it.  the utkt database is fully sortable so you make calls by type (lapsed members), volunteers, by zipcode, divide by alpha sections when more than one person is calling...